Remote Support Options For Businesses

Does your business have a dedicated Information Technology (IT) department? Is it enough to field all of your company's requests, and is it available at all hours? Especially with small or growing businesses, it's not cheap to staff an IT department that can handle all business issues at all hours of the day and night. Here are a few ways that a business IT solutions team can help you through remote support and field technician dispatch. Read More 

HAN, LAN, WLAN: Which Computer Network Do You Need?

The computer network concept typically has non-IT people totally confused. The jargon is odd enough without the realization that your small business actually needs a network now. When you look up "computer network installation," you often end up with over a dozen acronyms all ending in -AN, which is even more confusing. How do you know which computer network you need for your small business? Here is how to tell: Read More 

2 Ways To Adjust An Alarm System For Your Pet

If you have pets and you want to get an alarm system, you may wonder how you are going to manage to have an alarm system and keep it from going off all the time because your pets set it off. However, there are things that you can do that will allow you to get an alarm system and make sure it doesn't go off regularly.  Pet Door If your pet is a dog, then they probably have to go outside on a regular basis. Read More 

Two Types Of PCBs And How To Control Their Related Health Concerns

The problem with acronyms and abbreviations is that they often confuse search engines. Take PCB, for example. PCB is short for BOTH "printed circuit board" and "polychlorinated biphenyl". While both of these PCBs have important uses, their health hazards and hazardous waste matter too. Thankfully, the EPA has methods for controlling both PCBs and their related hazards, and it starts with you, the consumer. Polychlorinated Biphenyl This chemical has spent a long time in the plastics industry. Read More 

Are You Selecting An Online Trading Terminal? What Factors You Should Consider When Picking One

An online trading terminal goes by many names, including a trading platform or a stock buying website. Many stock buying brokers and firms have set up online trading terminals so customers can buy and trade stocks throughout the day without needing the assistance of a broker. However, not every online trading terminal is the same. If you are looking to select one so you can trade stocks online, here are a few of the factors you should consider. Read More