Remote Support Options For Businesses

Does your business have a dedicated Information Technology (IT) department? Is it enough to field all of your company's requests, and is it available at all hours? Especially with small or growing businesses, it's not cheap to staff an IT department that can handle all business issues at all hours of the day and night. Here are a few ways that a business IT solutions team can help you through remote support and field technician dispatch.

What Is Remote Support?

Remote support is one facet of remote access, which allows a person to access a computer through a network, or in this case, the internet. Just as your keyboard and mouse works by sending a signal through a cable and into your computer, a remote support technician sends their own signal through the network and into the computer.

From the technician's side, it's as though they're using their own keyboard and mouse at your computer. There is a slight delay, but all tasks that can be completed with a mouse and a keyboard can be performed via remote access.

This includes removing viruses, installing and uninstalling software, and making configuration changes to the software you use. Modern remote access can even work after resetting your computer with the right credentials in use.

Trust Is Important

When setting up an agreement with a business IT solutions firm, it's important to know how their remote support service will work. You should only connect with technicians from the support company you've partnered with, and you should verify the connection with credentials given by business IT leadership.

This is because it's easy to trick people who have an existing remote support company, and being a business, you're a target that potentially has lots of money to spend or ideas to steal. It could be a targeted attack by a rival, an inside job, or a completely random call that asks you to accept a remote connection, but there are many ways to give access to hackers and tricksters if you don't confirm the connection.

Confirmation can come in the form of requiring a phone call from a known technician beforehand, or calling the business IT company if you receive an unsolicited connection notice.

Field Technicians For Everything Else

There are times when remote support cannot access the needed technology. Physical cables may be damaged, or a card might be worn out. Until robotics become a lot more accurate and a lot cheaper, remote support can't physically change anything for you.

Unless you have trained technicians or experienced computer power users in your company, field technicians are necessary. A good business IT solutions company can interview and verify local technicians to come in for repairs when there are no remote options, or if the task is dire and important enough (or with specific insider knowledge required), they can send a field technician to you.

Contact a business IT solutions professional to discuss available services. Companies such as Moving Forward IT can help.