3 Reasons To Consider AI Résumé Screening Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) résumé screening tools use algorithms to help you find the ideal candidate for an open position. Although conventional résumé screenings still have their place in human resources, there are several benefits to automating the process. Save Time The initial phase of applicant screening typically includes reviewing many résumés to find candidates that will be the best fit for the position. Since you may receive hundreds of applications and their associated résumés, AI screening will save time. Read More 

Signs Your Phone Is Needing a New Battery

Your cell phone's battery can be a component that is likely to need to be replaced before the end of the phone's lifespan. Due to the fact that the battery is a part of the phone that a person may not interact with directly, it can be common for people to have at least a limited understanding of the warning signs they need to replace their battery. Swelling of the Battery Read More