Signs Your Phone Is Needing a New Battery

Your cell phone's battery can be a component that is likely to need to be replaced before the end of the phone's lifespan. Due to the fact that the battery is a part of the phone that a person may not interact with directly, it can be common for people to have at least a limited understanding of the warning signs they need to replace their battery.

Swelling of the Battery

If you notice that your battery is starting to swell to a larger size, this is a warning sign that the battery is in danger of suffering a catastrophic failure if it is not replaced. In extreme cases, the battery may even explode or catch on fire. An unexpected bulging of the phone case where the battery is located is often the most visible indication that this particular issue is starting to occur to your phone. Until the battery is replaced, you should avoid charging the phone or using it, as this could further exacerbate the situation.

Dramatically Slower Charging

A battery that is taking an extremely long time to charge can be a very inconvenient issue for a person to experience. While this is often the result of the battery degrading as a result of its aging, it is also possible for this is to be caused by a faulty connection to the charging port. A cell phone repair provider will be able to complete an assessment to determine the cause of the slow charging. In cases where this is due to the battery reaching the end of its lifespan, they can quickly replace the battery. However, if the problem is with the charging port connection, the repair may take longer as to replace some of these electrical components, and some parts may have to be specially ordered.

Failing to Retain a Charge

Another common battery problem is the battery component falling to retain a charge. This can lead to the phone's battery suddenly dropping from nearly full capacity to only depleted. In addition to being disruptive to your ability to use the phone, this problem may also contribute to the phone itself suffering damage. This is a problem that is especially common with older phones as their batteries will have gone through many more charging cycles. While this is an issue that is unavoidable, you can mitigate it by both avoiding overcharging the phone, and avoiding consistently charging to full, as both of these issues can impact the battery's ability to retain a charge.

If you think you need to learn more about cell phone battery replacement, visit a provider near you.