HAN, LAN, WLAN: Which Computer Network Do You Need?

The computer network concept typically has non-IT people totally confused. The jargon is odd enough without the realization that your small business actually needs a network now. When you look up "computer network installation," you often end up with over a dozen acronyms all ending in -AN, which is even more confusing. How do you know which computer network you need for your small business? Here is how to tell:

HAN: Home Area Network

If your small business operates out of a couple of rooms in your home that you have dedicated to your business, you could use a HAN system. This connects your business computers and home computers all to the same system. It is more economical than having separate systems for your business and home computers, but you have to be sure that nothing you want on your home computers crosses over to your business computers, and vice versa.

LAN: Local Area Network

East meets West when you have more than one business location, and you need to keep all employees and office locations in the loop. Your computer network technician has to coordinate the installation process such that all of your computers are interconnected on the same day. He or she will work on the computers in one location and then travel to your other office locations to connect those to the same system. It is also possible to have a team of technicians working at all of your local offices simultaneously and communicating in a way that gets your entire system installed in half the time.

WLAN: Wireless Area Network

If your business primarily operates with cell phones instead of landlines, then a WLAN is the best choice for you. Not only does it allow wireless communications between you and your employees, but it also grants wireless access for customers when they visit your office(s). Additionally, all computers in your office operate on the same system wirelessly, including your tablets and laptops.

Lots of Other LANs

If you want or need other LANs, there is also IAN for Cloud services, and MAN for Metropolitan Area Network coverage, which allows you to extend your base of operations all the way out to the suburbs surrounding the major city in which you conduct business. There are a few other specialty LANs, too. If you are not sure if you need special network services, talk to your provider, who can recommend services that are applicable and useful to you.

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