Reducing Your Costs Through Managed Cybersecurity Services

If you're thinking about engaging with managed cybersecurity services, you might be thinking of them as "just another expense." You've probably already heard that managed security services can save you money indirectly, through factors such as cost of ownership. But there are a lot of ways you can save money through managed cybersecurity services directly, too. Here are ways to reduce your bill.

Pay for Only What You Need

An MSP can work with you to customize the services that you get. So, if you need MSPs only for certain elements, you can pay for only those certain elements. Consider what you can still do with your internal IT department. If you can manage help desk tickets and backup solutions, but just want your MSP to handle cybersecurity intrusion, you'll end up paying far less. Over time, you can figure out the best way to segment your responsibilities.

Reduce the Complexity of Your Network

Many companies have needlessly complex networks. Your network probably grew organically up until this point. But you can use your cybersecurity services to streamline and optimize your network. It will be an initial cost to upgrade your network, but you'll pay far less in maintenance moving forward. Today, many companies are moving away from on-premise solutions and into the cloud for this reason.

Improve Your Employee Training

The better your employees are trained, the fewer security risks there are likely to be. You can train employees on security risks and phishing attacks, so they are less likely to run into problems. Then, they'll be less likely to have to connect with cybersecurity services. Your managed cybersecurity company can help you with employee training and even hold refresher courses, to ensure continued compliance.

Invest in Newer Technology

The newer your technology is, the easier it will be for your network to be managed. While it is an upfront cost, it also means that your company's productivity will go up. Your MSP will be able to give you information regarding what technology will be best for you. This can future-proof your system, too, ensuring that your system is going to be able to serve you even moving into the future. 

And, of course, you can save money indirectly, too. Managed cybersecurity services lead to reduced downtime — and it's possible you can reduce your internal staff members. All of it ends up with a leaner budget and all of it starts with connecting with a cybersecurity service.