Applications for Augmented Reality in Apps

Augmented reality is the newest craze. But before you go to an augmented reality app development company, you might want to have a better idea of its capabilities. Augmented reality is a term for using a user's surroundings within the app, usually through photos or videos. Here are some real examples of how augmented reality is being used in apps today.

1. To Measure Environments

Augmented reality apps can be used to provide measurements for rooms, furniture, and other objects. The video feed is used by the camera, along with motion sensitivity, to determine how far an individual is walking or the general measurements of their surroundings. From there, the augmented reality app can be used to decorate or furnish a room, or to help with envisioning renovations.

2. To Scan Products

Augmented reality apps can be used to identify products in an area and then price them. A user can scan a purse that they have, for instance, and find out more information about the purse and where they could buy a replacement, or where they could buy other purses from that designer. And, of course, apps can also be used to scan barcodes at the grocery store for the purposes of finding out prices or coupons.

3. To Play Games

Famously, augmented reality became popular across the world. Games can use augmented reality to show games within the physical environment, such as showing digital creatures bouncing around in physical space. This is an engaging, effective method of making games far more popular and interesting to customers.

4. To Experience Simulations

With augmented reality, users can actually overlay another reality onto theirs. By moving their phone around, they can experience this space as though they are in it. Simulations are becoming more detailed and can even handle interactions. Car companies, for instance, are using simulations to make it appear as though the user is sitting in the vehicle, so they can see exactly how spacious it is. Tour companies can use simulations to show tourists what it would be like at a location and to encourage them to book their trips.

Augmented reality isn't just a trend. It's something that's going to be popular for many years to come. If you can think about a feature for your new app, an augmented reality app development company can help. Contact a few companies to learn more about creating your own apps.