Tips For Caring For Your Company’s Scanner

Your business's scanner can be a device that you must use on an almost daily basis. While these devices can make digitizing documents a simple process, they will need to be properly maintained if their performance is to be preserved. For individuals that have given little thought to the maintenance needs of their scanners, there are several guidelines that they should be following.

Be Mindful When Cleaning The Scanner

Cleaning the scanner is easily one of the most important types of care that you can do for it. Failing to keep the scanner clean can contribute to dirt getting on the glass, which can degrade the quality of the scanned images. When cleaning the scanner, you must be careful when it comes to the type of cloth that you use. Ideally, you should only use a microfiber cloth as these will be soft enough to avoid the risk of scuffing and scratching the glass. Also, you should only use glass cleaner that is approved for use on scanners as these will avoid leaving a residue behind that could interfere with the clarity of the scanned images.

Avoid Placing The Scanner In Direct Sunlight

A scanner can be prone to suffering damage if it is exposed to intense sunlight for long periods of time. This sunlight can cause the scanner to reach extremely high temperatures. Furthermore, it can be possible for the intense rays of light to overwhelm or damage the sensors in the scanner. Due to these potential hazards, you should keep the scanner in an area where it will not experience sustained periods of direct sunlight.

Protect The Scanner Against Electrical Surges

Power surges can be a common result of lightning strikes or work being done to the electrical grid. These surges can be strong enough to be extremely damaging to the scanner. There are surge protectors that you can use to protect the scanner. However, these protectors will only be able to withstand a few surges before they will need to be replaced. By regularly checking the indicator light on the surge suppressor, you can determine when it will need to be replaced.

A scanner is a sophisticated piece of equipment that can be vital to businesses that must digitize documents. Improperly caring for these scanners can result in them failing to provide your business with the image quality or longevity that you expect. If you take the time to keep the scanner clean, avoid storing it in direct sunlight, and protect it against damaging electrical surges, you will find that it will be able to meet your business's needs for many years.