3 Tips For Improving The Accuracy Of Your Piezo Scanner

Many manufacturing processes require accurate measurements on a three-dimensional scale. These measurements are best taken with a highly technical piece of equipment known as a piezo scanner. If you rely on the piezo stages to complete manufacturing processes on a daily basis, the accuracy of the measurements provided by your scanner is important.

Here are three things that you can do to improve the accuracy of your piezo scanner readings in the future:

1. Make sure you are using the right scanner.

It's important to recognize that there are many different types of piezo scanners available on the market today. Each of these scanners is designed to provide different types of measurements, so you need to ensure that you are using the correct scanner model for your manufacturing applications if you want to most accurate measurements possible.

Use a tube scanner if you are relying on a microscope, and use a scanner with a square surface for most other applications to improve the accuracy of your measurements.

2. Take the time to calibrate your scanner on a regular basis.

Since piezo scanners are highly technical pieces of equipment, they need to be kept calibrated at all times in order to provide the most accurate measurements possible. Vibrations in the measuring surface can throw off your scanner's ability to accurately read each surface during the scanning process.

By taking the time to read your owner's manual and identify the proper way to calibrate your scanner, you can maintain consistency and increased accuracy when it comes to gathering vital measurements with your piezo scanner in the future.

3. Keep your piezo scanner clean.

Failing to keep your piezo scanner clean could seriously compromise the accuracy of the measurements the scanner can provide. It's easy for business owners to overlook the importance of keeping their scanners clean, but you should schedule routine cleanings to ensure your piezo scanner works properly.

Not only will a clean scanner provide more accurate readings, but it will also ensure that your scanner functions properly and remains in good working condition well into the future.

Having access to a piezo scanner can be an easy and effective way to gather the three-dimensional measurements that are used to generate the products your company sells each day. In order to ensure that your products are manufactured according to the highest standard possible, you need accurate measurements. Use the right piezo scanner, calibrate your scanner regularly, and keep your scanner clean to improve the accuracy of your piezo scanner's readings in the future.